Monday, July 20, 2009

Pour Yourself a Drink and Relax

Hey folks,

Welcome to my brand new blog, which is devoted to all things related to Food & Drink. I used to run restaurant reviews and stories of my eating and drinking adventures in my other blog (The Top of My Head) and people seemed to enjoy them. In fact, since I've stopped writing about them, I've had more than a few requests to start up again. So that's the purpose of this new blog space.

I won't promise a regular schedule here. I'll just add a word or two or a story when I feel there's something of interest to share with you all. And I really do encourage comments and discussion. Please. Let me know your favorite recipes and the restaurants you just die for, even if they are in another city, state or country. I travel a lot and always keep a list of places I want to visit.

A few words about the title of this blog. A few friends and I wanted to start a small, manageable mailing list to share restaurant and recipe recommendations between the few of us. At the time, I came up with the name "The Order of the Omnivores" because it fit with this small group. We all liked food and we all like science fiction and fantasy, especially the Harry Potter universe. The name fit and was adopted. The mailing list is still going on and will remain just the few of us, but I wanted to expand on what I think is a good name and decided it was time for this blog.

I hope you will all enjoy what you find here. Please recommend it to other foodies you may know. I'll be back soon with my first post.

In the meantime, I will finally be going to one of LA's top French restaurants in a few days. We've been dying to eat at Melisse ( and are now using their tenth anniversary as an excuse. I'm very excited and I'm sure a full report will follow.

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  1. Good luck with this blog ML, look forward to some reviews.

    From my times in LA, all shared with you and Skip, I remember two Hamburger joints, one on Hollywood BLVD (?) and another small place in a shopping mall area which according to you was the best burger around at the time being, some 20 odd year ago.

    Other food I remember are two Mexican places, one where we drunk a lot of margarita's (possibly before seeing Underworld) and one in a more classic setting where some movies were shot as well.